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Bhuzzers on LJ
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The Crazy Cat Lady [userpic]

Hey, all. I've been distracted by school stuff and away from Bhuz for a few months. I'm looking for advice on issues with logging in; since the site revamp, I haven't been able to access my account. I've requested new passwords on several occasions, but none have worked. I've downloaded Chrome and repeated the attempts. I contacted the administrators a few weeks ago, but haven't heard back. I tried to send another message via the Contact Us page yesterday, but the submit button opens up a tab to Chrome's download page instead of sending the message. Are things just really buggy right now? Any hints on getting around all this before I set up a new email address just so I can create a new Bhuz account? Thanks much!

beladibaby [userpic]

Is Bhuz coming up as "page not found" for anyone else? I know they were down for maitance yesterday but now I'm not even getting that message. Starting to have withdrawls....lol

The Blue Fairy [userpic]

Hi all, it's _Tanya_ from Bhuz

LunaScura [userpic]

Hello fellow Bhuzzers!

Thanks, Bea, for starting this community.

I am a looooooong time LJer and obsessive blogger, so this is just perfect.

Two vices in one!

Badriya Z [userpic]

Hi bhuz, badriya_al_ahmar, long time bhuzzer...

Kyria [userpic]

  Hi, I'm using the same username on lj as on bhuz. I'm Kyria, live in Utrecht, the Netherlands and I use lj for all kinds of things. GOod to find fellow bhuzzers on lj through this community :)

mahsati_janan [userpic]

Thanks for posting this group!  I am glad to find you all here :)

Kathryn [userpic]

I've been many things on Bhuz as every account I have had has messed up and no amount of cookie deleting has solved it. I had an extended hiatus from it as I got fed up of all the technical problems but I have recently rejoined under my performance name (KittyKohl, previous user names have been KathrynW and KathrynW2) but I don't think I've posted anything.

afradancer [userpic]

I'm Afra al Kahira (afra14 on Bhuz), I'm based in Devon in the UK and I've been a Bhuzzer for a very long time. I used to post a lot but now I tend to be more of a lurker although I do poke my head above the parapet from time to time! :-)

haflagirl [userpic]

It's Christina from Elgin (outside of Chicago).  Bhuz handle is Mihri.  Happy to see y'all here!

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